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The dragon tattoos are very popular today and the main reasons are the meaning of these tattoos.

And the ease with which the different designs can be resized to adapt them to any part of the body, both in men and women.


What is the meaning of dragon tattoos?

The meaning of dragon tattoos has always been associated with strength passion, power, determination, longevity, wisdom.

They are mythical figures that are part of the folklore and beliefs of some Eastern regions although the word Dragon as we know it derives from the Greek meaning “giant serpent” .

When you get a dragon tattoo you can find different variations:

  • Tattoos with Chinese or Japanese Dragons
  • Tattoo of Dragons Uroboros
  • Tattoos of Gothic Dragons
  • Tattooed Tribal Dragons
  • Designs of Koi Dragons to tattoo

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<p> <img class= Chinese or Japanese Dragon Tattoos

It is said that Eastern dragons are creatures that protect humanity as well as being a symbol of wisdom in Eastern mythology.

That’s why the Chinese dragon tattoos are among the most preferred among those people who decide to get a tattoo of dragons.

The Chinese dragon tattoos even have certain rules for them to be considered as such, the most important ones being to be designed with certain colors and accompanying by cherry blossoms typical in Eastern culture.

There are four types of tattoos of Chinese dragons the same ones that have a different representation as explained below:

Chinese Earth Dragon

It is said to be the Chinese dragon that is responsible for establishing the rules of life on Earth, its use in tattoos is to represent the connection that exists between the person who carries it and the planet in which he lives.

Chinese celestial dragon in tattoo

Use a celestial Chinese dragon as a tattoo is a symbol of spirituality. People who carry this type of Chinese dragon are usually those who believe that there is something beyond what we can see.

Chinese dragon with tattooed horns

In eastern regions, dragons with horns represent the consequence of what is said and what is done, a characteristic characteristic of leaders, that is why this dragon is related to leadership.

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If you want to symbolize wisdom in a tattoo, you will undoubtedly have to choose a yellow Chinese dragon tattoo.

You can see here all the history related to this fantastic creature.

Tattoos of Uroboros dragons

It is also known as the dragon tattoo in a circle and symbolizes the cycle of life, something that destroys itself while it is being renewed.

Uroboros have great meaning and something worth knowing.

People usually relate it to the cycle of birth and death and those who carry it often relate it to some tragic event they have suffered in their lives.

The scorpion tattoos also have great significance and are very impressive animals.

Highly recommended for those who identify with this great animal.

Tattoos of Gothic dragons

Gothic dragons represent strength, confidence and power .

In the different designs of tattoos these dragons are usually in defiant attitudes or positions and ready to attack or reveal themselves to those who challenge their authority.

People who wear them are usually people with a lot of confidence, strength and authority.

Tribal Dragon Tattoos

The tattoos of tribal dragons are a mixture between the dragon’s and the tribal designs that are representative of certain tribes and cultures.

Therefore they are a mixture between the meaning carried by the dragon and the cultural beliefs of a given tribe.

Tattoos of Koi dragons

This type of tattoo has a strong connection with the Oriental culture, more specifically the Japanese one .

They are also known as Japanese dragon tattoos. The Koi dragon makes reference to the Koi fish which is one of the most known designs in the world of tattoos.

Where do I get a dragon tattoo?

Tattoos of dragons on the arm

Use this part of the body is very common when it comes to dragon tattoos since it takes advantage of the cylindrical shape of the arm to make a design in which it seems that the dragon is surrounding the entire extension of the arm.

Although you can also draw a dragon linearly taking advantage of the length of the limb.

Tattoos of dragons on the shoulder

The dragon tattoos on the shoulder are more common in men.

Usually part of the arm is used to draw the tail of the dragon that crosses the shoulder and covers part of the chest .

Using a dragon tattoo in this part of the body is usually related to masculinity and the essence of man.

That is why they have an aspect of more ferocity and the use of colors is the smallest possible or the most intense that can be achieved.

No matter where you decide to wear a dragon tattoo it is essential to know beforehand the meaning of the dragon that you take to know what it represents and determine if that goes or not the personality that each one has.

Tattoos of small dragons

Generally the dragon tattoos are not usually made in a confined space.

However, there are designs that do not require a large space to be shown as the tattoos of small dragons that even when they are small they have an equally powerful meaning as any other tattoo with the same design .

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