Tattoos of Cats 2019

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Of the types of pets that become part of the family, cats are among the preferred ones.

They are creatures that, although territorial, are left to be loved and become the favorite subject of many.

That’s why many people decide to get cat tattoos and enjoy them every time they look in the mirror

Cat tattoos for men

Depending on the degree of pain tolerance, many men prefer to get hyperrealistic tattoos of their cats .

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There are many girls who love cats and decide to wear them on their skin in a very delicate way.

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Especially the girls and if it is their first tattoo, they prefer small tattoos, because, in addition to being more tender, they can be located in the areas preferred by women, that is, doll, shoulder, neck, hip or near the ankle.

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Small tattoos are usually of simple design in this case, it may be just the silhouette of a cat, a cat’s paw or just the face.

Colored cat tattoos

On the other hand, color cat tattoos will always be a very feminine option that even can be combined with elements that identify them even more with your cat .

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Although some think that black cats are synonymous with bad luck, true cat lovers have a very different interpretation.

In fact, due to the legend of the 7 lives and the fact that “cats always fall on their feet”, having a feline tattoo can mean feeling very confident and the time to believe in the luck that may be associated with the steps we take.

Pussies represent several characteristics and factors with which many people identify: elegance, majesty, temper, authority, self-esteem and more.

Those people who have had negative experiences, but still know how to succeed often find kitten tattoos a way to represent the virtue of perseverance.

On the other hand, it can not be denied that cats are the species with the most mysteries of the animal kingdom . Given the apparent closeness that existed thousands of years ago with the human race, the depth of their gaze and their behaviors with superior airs, cats will always be something magical.

Cats tend to be seen as beings, even mythological because they are members of millenary culture in which they were represented as images with authority. In Egypt they were venerated, they were also venerated by the Vikings.

These animals are usually very independent, refined and with a very sharp survival instinct .

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