Tattoos of Great Samurai new models

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The samurai tattoos are part of the preference of the male audience, who see in the Japanese culture, and everything that relates to martial arts, a way of life which is worth admiring.

Tattoos of samurai on the forearm

The samurai tattoos on the forearm are the most common.

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Portraits on the arm and in gray scale or full color are also very requested.

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From the shoulder to the elbow you can create a fairly complete design that includes a complete samurai figure and sword.

It could also be wrapped with a dragon tattoo or even, fighting with another warrior.

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On the other hand, the huge samurai tattoos on the back are quite a work of art that many are willing to have.

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The samurai is linked to a very strict behavior known as Bushido whose meaning is “the way of the warrior” .

This code of behavior is inherent in the courage that every samurai must possess, hence the men who identify with this virtue decide to wear a Japanese warrior in their body.

Men who consider themselves protectors of their family and their ideals are the most likely to be tattooed by a samurai.

These warriors felt a great commitment to the tasks imposed so that passionate and highly disciplined people find in the samurai a good way to represent such aspects of their personality.

Brief History of the Samurai Tattoo

These warriors are very popular in the Japanese country but little by little their story was reaching other parts of the world through anime magazines, the Internet or movies.

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