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The Viking times are particularly exciting and mysterious. The Vikings had their own original culture, which fascinates us to this day. The Vikings as skillful seafarers and warriors conquered our hearts for eternity. Above all, we know about them and their deeds from Norse mythology.

The Vikings wore the tattoos that had different meanings for them. The Nordic motifs, which were also closely related to sorcery, decorated their skin.

Nowadays the Viking motives are also popular. One likes to wear the Nordic patterns on the arm, calves, shoulders and chest.

Viking tattoo motifs with meaning

The Viking Tattoos are the real meaning carriers. Everyone can only find suitable patterns for themselves. It is believed that only the men wear the Viking tattoos. But it is wrong, because the subtle tattoos with the Viking motifs can stand the women perfectly. Here are five Viking motives you may like.

Yggdrasil, also Mimameid and Läred, is known as the Tree of Life. Yggdrasil is the world tree that connects nine worlds. As a world tree, the ash was adopted in the myths.

Yggdrasil symbolizes faith and connectedness in the worlds.

  • Troll Cross

The Troll Cross, the twisted piece of metal, was used primarily to protect against trolls, elves and black magic.

The Valkyries are female warriors. They brought the slain warriors from the battlefield to Valhall.

Odin or Wodan is the chief god in Norse mythology. Odin symbolizes war, death, but also poetry and magic. Odin is often depicted with two ravens Huginn and Muninn and two wolves Geri and Freki.

The runes stand for the belief in Odin.

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Viking Runes Tattoo Templates

Under the runes one understands the old writing of Teutons. The first rune system was called “Futhark”. The Futhark consisted of 24 characters. It’s interesting that the runes described both the sounds and the names.

Also, each rune had other magical meanings.

The runes are one of the most popular motifs for tattoos. They are also good for the little patterns. They are usually combined with other Nordic motifs.

 Viking Runes Tattoo Templates 1
 Viking Runes Tattoo Templates 2
 Viking Runes Tattoo Templates 3
 Viking runes Tattoo Templates 4
 Viking Runes Tattoo Templates 5

Ideas for Tattoos from Norse Mythology

Norse mythology is the greatest cultural heritage of ancient Scandinavia. His exciting legends inspire mankind to this day. Each of us had seen these symbols at least once in our lives. Here are the most famous Viking signs and the mythological history from which they originate.

  • Horn Triskelion

The Nordic myth of the Skaldenmet is that two dwarves killed Fjalar and Galar Kvasir. They mixed the blood of Kvasir with honey and they poured this drink into three horns. This is how the magic elixir of poetry was created. It was exactly this elixir, also called Odrörir, that saved Odin from Giant Gunnlöd.

Three connected drinking horns, also called Triskelion, symbolize wisdom, creativity and inspiration.

  • Svefnthorn

The Svefthorn is also a Nordic symbol that comes from the numerous legends. The Svefthorn character is used to put the enemies to sleep.

  • Huginn and Muninn

Huginn and Muninn are a few ravens who traveled the world every day and told Odin everything they had heard. Therefore, they should also master human language.

Huginn and Muninn were often depicted along with Odin. From the Old Icelandic, the names Huginn and Muninn mean “thought” and “memory.” Both of them symbolize Odin and his powers. Besides Huginn and Muninn there are two wolves Geri and Freki, the voracious and the greedy. They were also the companions of Odin. They consumed all that Odin brought them in Walhalla.

  • Net of Wyrd (Norn Net)

The web of Wyrd is one of the best known northern symbols. The word “Wyrd” was referred to by the ancient Germans as a term for fate.

According to the myth, three Norns, fate-wives, weave the fate of the gods and men. The Norns stand for the interconnectedness of past, present and future.

Gungnir is the magical spear of Odin. The spear was forged by the dwarf Dvalin. Gungnir never missed his goal and always returned to Odin. With the casting of Gungnir, Odin started the war between the gods.

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Viking Symbols: Valknut Tattoos

Valknut or Wotan’s Knot is one of the most famous Germanic symbols. Valknut is depicted as three interwoven triangles.

Under the Vikings it should be called death. “Valr” means “fallen in battle” and “knut” stands for “knot”. It is also called Valknut Odin’s knot. Odin is known as the god of death and war in Norse mythology. The slain warriors were taken by the Valkyries to Valhalla, the hall of the slain, where they lived after death.

Valknut symbolizes life after death and strength.

 Viking Symbols Valknut Tattoos 1
 Viking Symbols Valknut Tattoos 2
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Vegvisir: Viking compass tattoo

The Vegvisir, Viking compass or runes compass is a magical sign in Norse mythology.

Vikings were known primarily as skilful sailors. Seafaring was a separate part of her life for her.

The Viking compass is not a compass in the modern sense, it’s just a symbol because you could not navigate with it.

The Vervisir symbolizes safe travel and protection from the thunderstorm. It was also depicted on the Viking ships.

The Vegvisir symbol is easily confused with another Viking character Aegishjalmur. One often carries these symbols together.

 Vegvisir Viking compass Tattoo 1
 Vegvisir Viking compass Tattoo 2
 Vegvisir Viking compass Tattoo 3
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The Best Viking Tattoos with ornaments

The Nordic culture has a large amount of the symbols and ornaments. The choice of knot patterns is particularly rich. You can look at the pictures and choose the jewelry for your body.

 The Best Viking Tattoos with Ornaments 1
 The Best Viking Tattoos with Ornaments 2
 The Best Viking Tattoos with Ornaments 3
 The Best Viking Tattoos with Ornaments 4
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Tattoo with Viking warrior helmet

One of the most important Icelandic runes is Aegishjalmur. The word “Aegishjalmur” comes from Old Norse and means “shield” and “helmet”. Since it is difficult to pronounce, Aegishjalmur is also simply called a helmet of awe and terror.

The Viking warriors painted this symbol on their foreheads. They believed that Aegishjalmur will scare the enemy and thus protect them.

Today, the Helm of Awe is often worn as a symbol of protection.

 Tattoo with Viking warrior helmet 1
 Tattoo with Viking warrior helmet 2
 Tattoo with Viking warrior helmet 3
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 Tattoo with viking warrior helmet 6

Viking Ship Tattoo Templates

The history of the Vikings is closely linked to seafaring. The construction of the Viking ship was long and narrow.

As a symbol, the ship stands for traveling through life. The bearers of this tattoo are also ship’s captains.

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 Viking Ship Tattoo Assemblies 2
 Viking Ship Tattoo Assignments 3
 Viking Ship Tattoo Assets 4
 Viking Ship Tattoo Templates 5

Viking tattoo on his arm: forearm and upper arm

The arm is perfect for the Viking Tattoo. You can sting both the small and the big patterns. The sleeve tattoo with Odin and other Nordic characters are very popular among men. Here you can see the free pictures with the tattoo for lower and upper arm.

 Viking tattoo on arm forearm and upper arm 1
 Viking tattoo on arm forearm and upper arm 2
 Viking tattoo on arm forearm and upper arm 3
 Viking tattoo on the arm forearm and upper arm 4
 Viking tattoo on the arm forearm and upper arm 5

Thor’s Hammer Tattoo

Odin also had a son named Thor, who is also one of the most important gods of Norse mythology. He is god of thunderstorms and weather. Thor is also known by the name Donar. Despite his allegiance to the gods, he often supported ordinary people.

The most important symbol of Thor is his magic hammer, which was named as Mjölnir.

Mainly the hammer was used as a weapon. Thor fought against the Giant and the Midgard Serpent. Only Thor and his son Magni were able to lift the Warhammer. After Mjölnir was thrown and hit the target, he returned to Thor as a boomerang.

In addition, Thor blessed people and their marriages with Mjölnir.

Even in ancient times, during the fighting, the Vikings wore the Thor’s hammer as an amulet, which was the symbol of protection.

 Thor's Hammer Tattoo 1
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 Thor's Hammer Tattoo 5

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