Vikings: The most poignant Viking tattoos of the series

During the last years, the trend in the world of tattoo lines, runes and Viking designs.

Although this style was already known, the impulse that has given the Vikings series has been b-r-u-t-a-l.

In this post we will analyze the protagonists of Vikings: Ragnar Lothbrok, Rollo Lothbrok, Lagertha and Floki. Also, at the end of the post we have left some images of Nordic tattoos about real people more curious on the Internet.


Lagertha has become one of the most beloved female characters in the series thanks to her character. She does not allow herself to be humiliated, she is strong, determined and ambitious. Her role in the series moves away from the typical cliché of a helpless woman in need of the protection of a man.

It does not take too many Viking tattoos but it has a very interesting pair: on the thigh it carries a Viking runes that symbolize femininity and strength.

In the upper part of the torso you can see how it also carries a steel chain. This tattoo simulates a metal armor, which goes from the chest to the forearm. Super cool.

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We could say that Floki is the Jack Sparrow Viking. A secondary character but key in the plot. In charge of all the architecture of the ships, you’ll tell us where the other Vikings go without him.

He does not wear too many Viking tattoos. In the last season he has a Nordic runes in the head, but he is a character whose characterization is in makeup.

As a hallmark of the character, he always wears eye shadow, enhancing the mystical look.

In addition, the eye shadow works like war makeup, spreading the paint to the cheeks.

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Roll lothbrok

Like the legend of Obelix, if a man falls into a pot of testosterone … surely something like Rollo would come out.

Although it may seem like the typical cliché character with Viking warrior tattoos, Rollo is one of the most nuanced characters in the series, his loyalty comes and goes more often than a commuter train. Ragnar’s brother has some of the most interesting Viking symbols in the Nordic panorama.

Exhibits some Nordic runes distributed throughout the upper torso, although the most important symbols can be seen in his chest and arms. It takes 3 Nordic tattoos : the sun, the moon and a wolf.

These 3 figures are very popular in the Nordic culture and are very important as Viking symbols since they explain from the point of view of their culture the passage from day to night.

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