Wolf Tattoos Best For 2019

Would you like to be stung by the Wolf Tattoo? The wolf motif is one of the most popular tattoo patterns in tattoo art. The depiction of the wolf on the skin comes from North America. Indians have had the wolf stung as jewelery and talisman.

Wolf as an animal is the symbol of security, independence, strength, loyalty, but also cruelty and darkness. Wolf is really a mysterious animal. It is no wonder that he was portrayed in numerous myths, legends and legends. The tattoo with the wolf choose strong and confident personalities who are not afraid to be alone. There are different techniques and templates for a wolf tattoo. For example, the tribal tattoo with Wolf is announced today. You can sting Japanese, Slavic or Celtic wolf. The most common body sites for the Wolf Tattoo are upper and lower arm, chest, back and thighs.

Meaning of Wolf Tattoos

For humans, the wolf as a living being is ambiguous. On the one hand, he is leader of the pack, who is strong, responsible, individual and loyal. On the other hand, Wolf belongs to the predator, which can also be dangerous.

Every tattoo can have an impact on the wearer’s life, so it makes more sense to get to know the meanings. Ask what the wolf symbolizes? We have the answer: the wolf as a tattoo pattern can have the following meanings:

  • Loneliness
  • Family, Loyalty
  • dedication
  • horror
  • strength
  • individuality
  • mercy
  • guardianship.

 Meaning of the Wolf Tattoos 1
 Meaning of the Wolf Tattoos 2
 Meaning of the Wolf Tattoos 3
 Meaning of Wolf Tattoos 4
 Meaning of Wolf Tattoos 5

Tribal Wolf Tattoo Motifs

Tribal tattoos were and are popular. The technique of tribal tattoo consists in the curved lines and symbols on the skin. The representation of the wolf or the wolf’s head is a good alternative for the ordinary tattoo. You can look at the next pictures and decide if the tribal wolf will suit you.

 Tribal Wolf Tattoo Motive 1

 Tribal Wolf Tattoo Motive 2

 Tribal Wolf Tattoo Motive 3
 Tribal Wolf Tattoo Motive 4

 Tribal Wolf Tattoo Motive 5

Little Wolf Tattoo Template

The tattoo template with the wolf should not always be big and sturdy. The small patterns enjoy a popularity today. They look fine and filigree and are also excellent for a woman.

Do not forget that a she-wolf has suckled Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. The wolf symbol for women stands for loyalty, care, and guardianship.

As far as the tattoo is concerned, the women like to pick out the little templates that express their individuality and are also feminine.

 Little Wolf Tattoo Template 1
 Little Wolf Tattoo Template 2

 Little Wolf Tattoo Template 3
 Little Wolf Tattoo Template 4

 Little Wolf Tattoo Template 5

Tattoo with the wolf howling at the moon

If we imagine a wolf, then the image with the wolf howling at the moon is definitely in our head. Almost always, this wolf is alone. The lonely wolf is already a standing performance of this animal. The people who like to be alone and go through their lives alone, often wear the tattoo of the lonely wolf, which is also a symbol of loneliness and independence.

 Tattoo with wolf howling at the moon 1

 Tattoo with the wolf howling on the moon 2

 Tattoo with the wolf howling at the moon 3

 Tattoo with the wolf howling at the moon 4

Tattoo ” />
 Tattoo with the wolf howling at the moon

Wolf Tattoo on Forearm

You can often sting the wolf tattoo on your forearm. This body part is clearly visible and the tattoo can be noticeable. The tattoo on the forearm can be small, medium or large.

 Wolf tattoo on forearm 1
 Wolf tattoo on forearm 2
 Wolf tattoo on forearm 3
 Wolf Tattoo on forearm 4
 Wolf Tattoo on forearm 5

Wolf Tattoos on the Arm

Men like to wear the wolf tattoo on their arms. These tattoos are tall and often cover almost the entire arm.

 Wolf Tattoos on the Arm 1

 Wolf Tattoos on Arm 2
 Wolf Tattoos on Arm 3
 Wolf Tattoos on Arm 4
 Wolf Tattoos on the arm 5

Ideas for the Wolf Head Tattoo

One often wears only the wolf-head tattoo. The look of the wolf tells the others that the bearer of the tattoo can see through everyone and everything. The wolf’s head can be black or colored, classic or semi-geometric.

 Ideas for the Wolf's Head Tattoo 1

 Ideas for the Wolf's Head Tattoo 2
 Ideas for the Wolf's Head Tattoo 3
 Ideas for the Wolf's Head Tattoo 4

 Ideas for the Wolf's Head Tattoo 5

The best wolf tattoos on the back

The tattoo with the wolf on his back is usually worn by the men, who want to have everything in their own hands.

The pattern on the back is usually large and robust.

 The best wolf tattoos on the back 1
 The best wolf tattoos on the back 2

 The best wolf tattoos on the back 3
 The best wolf tattoos on the back 4
 The best wolf tattoos on the back 5

Celtic Wolf Tattoo

The Celtic Wolf tattoo is painted with the help of thick lines that have as if no end.

Many also like mandala tattoo. The term “Mandala” comes from Hinduism and Buddhism. According to the Duden, mandala means “in the Indian religions as a meditation aid serving abstract or pictorial representation (usually in a circle or square shape)”.

A few years ago, this motif also came into tattoo art.

 Celtic Wolf Tattoo 1
 Celtic Wolf Tattoo 2
 Celtic Wolf Tattoo 3
 Celtic Wolf Tattoo 4 <img class=
 Celtic Wolf Tattoo 5

Wolf Paw Tattoo Template

The tattoo with the wolf paws means caring and guardianship. These tattoos are more suitable for women.

 Wolf Paw Tattoo Template 1

 Wolf Paw Tattoo Template 2

 Wolf paw tattoo template 3
 Wolf paw tattoo template 4
 Wolf paw tattoo template 5

Geometric Wolf Tattoo

In recent years, the classic wolf tattoo is often replaced by the geometric pattern. The wolf with the geometric lines is creative, individual and fully in fashion.

 Geometric Wolf Tattoo 1

 Geometric Wolf Tattoo 2

Geometric Wolf Tattoo 3 ” />
 Geometric Wolf Tattoo 4

 Geometric Wolf Tattoo 5

Wolf Tattoo

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